My name Shelly Sands. I was born in Omaha, NE. in 1961. The eldest of five girls. I grew up in a poor household. My father died when I was six years old. Raised by my mother who worked her rear end off to keep us fed and clothed, which to my shame, I must admit, I didn’t realize the full impact of what she went through until I was much older.

I have been homeless to upper middle class. I have been a partner in two successful small businesses.

I hold no degrees in any field of expertise. I have no pedigrees in my ancestral line that might make me a person of any importance or interest. What I am is a wife, mother, caregiver for the elderly, Christian and concerned citizen. I’ve literally been from one end of this great country to the other, from East to West and North to South. There’s only been three states I have not been to, Alaska, Hawaii and Maine. I’ve met many people from many cultures throughout our country.

The education I’ve received can’t be bought or sold. You can’t learn it sitting in a classroom in some elitist college. Don’t get me wrong, there’s great value in formal education. But there is nothing like the education life and it’s many ups and downs can give one. The best lessons I’ve learned have come from just good ol’ everday life.

You may or may not agree with my opinions that I post here. I’ll tell you right upfront that what guides my opinions and thoughts are my faith in God and the principles He has set forth.


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